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ROBAM JB 大吸力油烟机 KITCHEN ON 客服热线:073625659 0197861333

Innovative design of concentric circles “Dual core absorber” system A++ Inverted code oil consumption filter 360 stereo in flow 360 viewing angle Universal lights Touch control panel Infrared sensor control 3 level speed + Turbo mode 9 mins timer

Power supply : 220-240V~ 50Hz Full pressure efficiency : > 23% Nominal Pressure : >280Pa Air flow rate : 18m3/min Maximum static pressure : 350Pa Odor decrease rate : > 98%

Power : 220V-240V/50Hz Motor power : 200W Airflow rate : Lab max test 1800 M3/hr EN Standard 1250 M3/hr Noise Level : 58 Db

Wall Mounted Hood HH-WIT90A

Wall Mounted Hood HH-WIT60A

Wall Mounted Hood HH-WIS90A

Wall Mounted Hood HH-WIS70A





Kitch KCH-3088 Slim Wall Design Angled Cooker Hood

Kitch KCH-3288 Retractable Air Blocking Angled Cooker Hood


没网的油烟机 你敢用?

没网的油烟机 你敢用?

没网的油烟机 你敢用?

Pioner Of Large Suction Hood

SZ-ICH6888GL LED Color Changing Glass Designer Island Cooker Hood - MultiHood

SZ-ICH6288SS Stainless Steel Designer Island Cooker Hood - MultiHood

SZ-CH666 Retractable Air Blocking Panel Angled Designer Cooker Hood - MultiHood

SZ-CH638i Special Red Glass Angled Designer Cooker Hood - MultiHood

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