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S2550 Filken Water Dispenser S2550 Filken Water Dispenser S2550 Filken Water Dispenser

Product Description

Energy Saving Water Dispenser-S2550

Type: Pipe-in & Counter Top
Dimension (mm): (W) 260mm x (D) 480mm x (H) 495mm
Water Capacity : Hot 20L / hr ≥ 90°C
Cold : 18L / hr ≤ 10°%
Power Consumption : Hot = 430W , Cold = 90W
Supply : 230V / 50Hz
Tank Capacity (Litres) : Hot = 1.5L, Cold = 4.2L
Water Supply Capability : 30L / hr
Net Weight: 19kg

Filtration System :

1st Stage = 10" In-line Sediment (U Type)
2nd Stage = 10” In-line Pre Carbon (U Type)
3rd Stage = 10”  In-line Post Carbon (U Type)
4th Stage = 10” In-line UF Membrane (U Type)

Special Product Features:

Eco System:  
Heating system automatically stops when it becomes dark at night, Eco system works when the illuminance is measured at under 1 lux.) The cooler will be working automatically when the sensor detects light in the day time.

Hot Water Safety Device:
Protect your children from unexpected accident with hot water.

Hidden Type Replaceable Hygiene Guard:
Protects the faucet from bacterial growth.

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