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KYK-Hisha Filken Water Ionizer KYK-Hisha Filken Water Ionizer KYK-Hisha Filken Water Ionizer KYK-Hisha Filken Water Ionizer KYK-Hisha Filken Water Ionizer

Product Description

KYK Water Ionizer most recently awarded the Most Trusted Brand of Korea is also the most awarded brand internationally - Korea, Europe and the US.

Named after the renowned scientist Dr Kim Young Kwi, who owns more than 130 patents, with 35 years of study on the science of water for human health, the KYK series offers both innovation and design, a mark of style, simplicity and luxury for our homes today.

The KYK HISHA is another excellent product from KYK's alkaline Water ionizer range.

THE HISHA water ionizer with its 5 electrolytic plates is durable and offers a great range of alkaline and acidic ionised water: alkaline pH 8.5-10*, and acidic pH 5.5-4* (*may differ depending on source water and mineral potency).

Delicious alive water with alkaline properties rich in antioxidants and so refreshing !
Offers Relief with various health issues. Effectiveness is validated by MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety - a Government Department in South Korea) with:
  • Gastrointestinal infections
  • Abnormal fermentation
  • Indigestion    
  • Chronic diarrhea    
  • Excessive stomach acid
  • Body-acid related conditions such as arthritis, gout, pain, high blood pressure, inflammation

Removes bacteria, rust, dust, chemicals, toxins, and other harmful substances from regular water Inhibits bacteria growth in water
Produces delicious, purified, alkaline & antioxidant richdrinking water
Helps monitor water pH (alkaline-acid) levels

  • Patented platinum-coated titanium electrode system
  • Newly developed high-performing ceramic valve system
  • High performance, high efficiency SMPS power control system with low heating and very little power loss
  • Easy water pressure adjustment
  • 13 layers of advanced filtration and purification with 3 stage filtration process of 10, 5 & 1 micron filter
  • Inrease antibiotic and antimicrobial performance
  • Maximized product lifetime
  • Automatic pH adjustment system
  • Automatic post-washing system for ultimate convenience and safety
  • 7 water pH levels including 4 alkaline, 2 acidic, and 1 filtered water only
  • Filter life indicator
  • Easy ON/OFF switch
  • Countertop
  • KYK HISHA Water Ionizer
  • 1 x Multi media Filter 3000 litres capacity
  • All necessary parts, such as power cord, 3m tubing, valves, tap connector kit
  • FREE water pH Testing Kit, for confidence and peace of mind
  • User Manual


Weight: 4.0kg
Filter life: 3000 litres


Base Unit: 22 x 43 x 10m (WxHxD)
Base: 6cm (back to front), height: 26.5cm

Warranty:  1 year Ionza full Warranty. Additional 1 year Warranty can be purchased for NZ$150.

Installation: The HISHA can be connected:

1) Directly to your sink tap - DIY with supplied tap connector kit, see image left

2) or directly into the cold water line with the supplied Diverter Valve.  Please note this option does require an Installer.


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